What Are The Benefits of Resurfacing Compared with Replacing a Bath?

The benefits are primarily the savings in cost and time. A bath can be completely resurfaced in 4 hours and back in use in just 24 hours. Another major benefit offered by Mendabath UK East Midlands is our 5 year guarantee.

How Long Does the Resurfacing Process Take?

Most baths can be resurfaced in just 4 hours. However if additional work needs to be undertaken such as stripping off an old coating or fixing major damage the process may take longer.

How Long After A Bath Is Resurfaced Can It Be Used Again?

Most baths can be used again in 24 hours. However if the room is without heating the bath may need to be left to cure for longer. The technician completing the work will advice you if additional cure time is required.

Do I Need To Do Anything Before And After The Resurfacing?

We would ask that before we arrive, you remove all personal effects such as toothbrushes, shampoo and soap dishes, and ensure that the bathroom is clean and dust free. If you have a dripping tap, this must be fixed before we arrive, as we cannot resurface a bath with leaking taps.

Once we have finished, allow the bath to cure for 24 hours, remove the tap bags and enjoy your bath.

Are Any Of Mendabath Products Dangerous Or Hazardous?

No. Our materials do not contain isocyanides, but like all coating materials do have solvents that will have a paint-like smell. Most of the smell will be removed with our extractor fans and what little is left will quickly disperse.

Do You Resurface Or Re-Enamel The Bath?

We resurface baths. The process of re-enamelling a bath requires vitreous enamel to be baked onto the bath surface at about 1000 degrees Celsius. This process is impossible to replicate in situ. We manufacture and use thermoplastic epoxy based materials to resurface your bath. The majority of our competitors offering in situ services either use polyurethane or an acrylic type products, which is why at Mendabath, with superior products, we are market leaders.

If you have any other questions that are not covered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.